Confirmation Day Circa 1950

Alfredo Cordova and his son, Al and daughter, Theresa. Confirmation, Sacred Heart Church, Costilla, N.M. 1950

Pictures were taken at Jaroso, CO in 1950 after we returned from Confirmation at Sacred Heart Church in Costilla, NM. We were confirmed in the Catholic faith probably as were many of you at a very young age. Skipped all the studying etc required nowadays usually as a teen. My mom appears mad probably because one of us had gotten dirty. She preached cleanliness and neatness endlessly. The dogs name is Bruno – he was stolen as a puppy from Mrs. Abeyta’s bar by one of my uncles. (Daniel Gutierrez originally from Costilla, NM) I have apologized to one of her relatives here on this board. Bruno for Bruno Hauptman of Lindbergh kidnapping fame. My Dad named him. He lived till my Senior year in HS! How many of you were confirmed as young children or even babies?

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