The Resources section contains information and tools to aid in the creation of the Manitos Community Archive.

It is helpful to keep in mind that the Manitos Community Archive is a digital archive and resources are focused on the process of creating and archiving digital versions of the things important to you.

Resources here, include everything from information theory to equipment recommendations, practical instruction and more. At all times we will strive to remain in the realm of what can be accomplished with readily available technology and without specialized or esoteric expertise.

You will find these pages organized around The Workflow we created to shepherd your contributions from that shoebox of family photos under your bed, through the digitization process and into the Manitos Community Archive.

Field Collection > Organization > Digitization > Adding to the Archive

There are also sections for Accessing Institutional Archives and Other Resources of interest.

Additional pages will be added as new resource categories come to light and in response to requests, whenever possible.

If you have questions or need additional assistance, please contact the Manitos Community Memory Project through the Contact page.

If you have recommendations for helpful material to be included on this resource page, please submit them through the Contact page.

Thank you and happy archiving!