Other Resources

Other Resources

The Manitos Community Memory Project is, at its heart, a community defined and community driven project.

As project partners and community members discover additional resources that aid us in our common goal of creating a true Community Archive, they will be added here.

If you have a recommendation, please send it to us through our Contact page, and we will do our best to include it here.

We will also add additional resources that do not fit easily within the our Resource sub-sections.

August 12-14, 2019, Manitos Community Memory Project held a ‘Training the Trainers’ workshop, at Zimmerman Library on the University of New Mexico campus. The workshop presentations were documented in their entirety.

Complete audiovisual documentation of the Manitos Community Memory Project ‘Training the Trainers’ Workshop is available at the New Mexico Humanities Council website here, under Workshop Resources.

The workshop and the videos were generously sponsored by the New Mexico Humanities Council.

Manitos Community Memory Project Research Assistant Shane Flores and Virtual Reality Intern Becca Sharp were guests on New Mexico Humanities Council’s Augmented Humanity Show. In four parts, Shane and Becca give a conceptual and experiental overview of the Manitos Community Memory Project.

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Manitos Community Memory Episode 2: Restoring Connections »

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