Left to Right – Miguel A. Tórrez and Gabriel López_credit Adria Malcolm

Gabriel John Lopez (cq) swabs the inside of his mouth as Miguél A. Tórrez (cq), genealogist and New Mexico Genealogical Society’s (NMGS) DNA Project administrator, times him on a stop watch inside The Pueblo de Abiquiú Library and Cultural Center on January 19, 2018. Archuleta is taking part in the El Pueblo de Abiquiú DNA and Ethnography Study project which looks to sample a group of men and women with strong genealogical ties to El Pueblo de Abiquiú that identify as or are descendants of Genízaros.

One thought on “Left to Right – Miguel A. Tórrez and Gabriel López_credit Adria Malcolm

  1. I have a cousin that is a Trujillo by birth. (He was adopted) He is showing 45% Native American in his DNA. I don’t know if you are still doing this study, but I am suspecting he might have ancestors from the group you are looking into. His family seems to originate from New Mexico but migrated to Colorado in the late 1800’s. Where is the best place to look and is it possible for me to send his DNA for you to look at and see if that is a possibility. Family lore says his Great, great grandfather was an Indian boy that was adopted by a Catholic priest with the name Trujillo. I’m just trying to help him find his Native American heritage. Thank you!

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