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Mimi Roberts is a passionate advocate for cultural equity and is honored to serve as Project Manager for the Manitos Community Memory Project. Prior to her retirement from the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs in 2018, she administered a cultural technology internship program that prepared Media Arts majors from New Mexico Highlands University for professional careers in New Mexico's cultural and creative economy, helped develop a makerspace program for rural public and tribal libraries, and worked in support of initiatives to accelerate technology adoption throughout the Department. She freelances as an arts researcher, writer, and editor and in her other areas of expertise, including museum exhibition and program development, multi-institutional collaborations, and traveling exhibitions. She is immediate past president of the New Mexico Association of Museums.
Welcome to the Manitos Digital Resolana

Welcome to the Manitos Digital Resolana

The Manitos Digital Resolana is a virtual gathering space for manitos, as people from rural northern New Mexico and southern Colorado call themselves. In many villages throughout this region, the resolana is the sunny side of a building, where people congregate to converse and share knowledge and wisdom. This Digital Resolana will serve as a space for people from these rural communities and their urban diasporas, where people connected to these villages now live, to reconnect, recollect, record, and reflect…

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